Yes I would like to apply for a 1 week trial of one of your personal training memberships!


As a couple whose lives are greatly impacted by mental illness, we often find ourselves neglecting our physical health, and struggling with issues such as low energy and poor motivation. We’ve both benefited greatly by participating in group cardio and personal training with Anthony. His interest and training in psychology, along with his enthusiasm and skills as a physical trainer, have pushed us to challenge ourselves and achieve goals such as weight loss, increased energy and better nutrition.

We’ve both found that exercise has a positive effect on mood, relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety, and his flexibility and willingness to work with other health professionals has allowed us to train safely and effectively with him despite the risks posed by various physical side effects of psychiatric medications.

Although we were not particularly active before we started to train with Anthony, we now both find ourselves missing the exercise when we are unable to go to classes or exercise at home. This is a huge step for us and a very positive one!

Chloë and Owen.

I just want to say thanks to Jeames , Anthony and Matt for their part in preparing me for the Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu in South Amercia that I recently undertook.

The hike is a 45 km section of the original trail built by the Incas in the 15th century . It is at high altitude , remote , in rugged terrain , steep in parts and with literally thousands of steps along the way.

About 5 months before , Jeames designed for me a strength programme with these conditions in mind and this along with 2/3 cardio sessions each week ensured I was prepared as possible for the challenge .

The toughest part of the hike for me was a continual ascent for 1200 metres to a height of 4200 metres – the decrease of oxygen in the air impacted greatly – and I became pretty breathless.

On the last day we had 13km of steep descent – mostly steep stairs – I never thought I would see the day when I would actually thank Jeames for making me do all those step ups, but I did on that day!

Training for those months with a specific goal in mind kept me very focused and the sense of achievement after completing the walk is undescribable. Setting a physical challenge and training for it is an awesome way to keep motivated to exercise.

Jenny Wilson , Co Director DG Wilson Constructions.

I have been training with Anthony and the team from Best Practice for sometime now and am absolutely delighted with the level of fitness that I have acquired – to the point of participating in a 4 km fun run with great enjoyment! The Best Practice approach is professional and motivating and incorporates very high levels of expertise in the fitness area. All the team are very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the body and they have devised a program for me that eliminated a significant neck problem that many visits to a physiotherapist had not achieved. They have been able to think through the mechanics of what was causing the problem and then work on strengthening the appropriate muscles to remove the source of the pain rather than providing a temporary ‘quick fix’. They combine expertise, professionalism and talent with a great sense of humour, endless encouragement and a wide variety of activities that are good fun.

I have exercised with other training studios in the past and there is simply no comparison.

Best Practice Personal Training lives up to its name – it truly does offer best practice in the area of personal training and you enjoy yourself at the same time. Well worth the investment of time and money for the benefits and increased enjoyment it brings to all areas of your life.

Kay Herse, ex school principal Lourdes Hill

Before beginning a personal training programme with Best Practice Personal Training I was sluggish and unhappy with how I looked. Anthony and Jeames have since guided me, encouraged and pushed me toward my goals. Their incredible knowledge about physical fitness coupled with their genuine care for and interest in their clients means that I go back twice a week secure in knowing that I will be well looked after. Today I have more energy, I look considerably slimmer (I still have some more work to do, but I know I will get there), and I have muscle definition that is really starting to look great.


– James QH


Best Practice has provided me with the support to start my weight loss journey, achieve my set weight goal, and now support my fitness journey.

They gave me support and welcome encouragement to come to their group training sessions and also expand the sessions I went to, including my PT sessions, challenge my body and mind to do things i wouldn’t normally have done and have so much fun and a bit of a laugh.

During that time they slowly educated me and changed my eating and drinking habits with their relentless efforts and endless information on “facts and furphy” on good food nutrition, meal plans and calorie counts. There is also the array of “mini challenges” within the “end goal challenge” they have, and hold you accountable for in a way you find yourself wanting to make those mini goals. Because of their support and personal interaction with me I understand why they have a client base of normal good friendly everyday people who have been there for longer than I have and just make their own fitness part of their weekly routine with best practice.

Craig Roberts

Ponsford Developments

I couldn’t have done all this without the help of Best Practice.

I think the biggest reason for the success is because I was made accountable and responsible for my health and you gave me all the tools required to do this.  The goal setting was the first pivotal step in starting this journey and the practical way in which this was explained to me really helped, I also loved making a creative poster I looked at every morning and still look at every day.  I didn’t reach my goal weight but am happier with my body than I have ever been and I think that is the biggest battle I have won.  Giving me the tools to stop smoking is something I will forever be grateful for as this in turn helped two dear loved ones stop the habit too.

The enthusiasm of everyone at Best Practice has ignited a passion in health and fitness for me and 4 months after my last session with BP I am still going strong.  I still go to the gym and actually make it a priority in my life because making excuses would lead me back to where I started.

Best Practice is the only business in which I can honestly say that they do not want my ‘repeat’ business.  I say this because I can’t imagine Anthony would be happy with me if I came back to him and said that I need to loose 12 kilo’s and stop smoking again, because this would mean that we both failed.  I truly felt that my success was deemed as their success and the same went for my failures too.

The investment I made when I signed up with Best Practice is genuinely one that will give me a lifetime of returns as they gave me the tools to continue on my health and fitness journey for the rest of my life.  For the first time in my life I feel in control of my body and am actually happy with it.  Now, when I work out it isn’t to lose fat or weight, but it is to retain what I have worked so hard for.  That is the most liberating experience of all.

I wish you and your business every success and look forward to seeing how it will evolve.

Best regards,

Ursula Stablum

Although I was quite fit when I started with Best Practice Personal Training, I was amazed with the change in my body after committing to a few sessions a week. I just needed that extra push to go a little harder.

The sessions provide a good mix of aerobic fitness and weights training – I could literally feel myself getting fitter, stronger and more energised after each session!!!

The gym is always clean and the equipment first class. By working with the Best Practice Personal Training crew I know the time I spend training is maximised to help me achieve my goals.

Katarina Owczarek

I would like to pass on my thanks to you in helping my general state of health since I have been coming to your sessions.  As you know, 2007 was to be my year of health and I am certainly feeling a lot healthier this year than last year.

Although juggling work and a toddler has at times made it difficult for me to train as regularly as I would like, I have certainly noticed a difference in the 6 months I have been training with you.  Most importantly, I have found I am having a restful night’s sleep and as a side benefit I seem to be fitting in to a smaller size.  Not sure if they are making pants bigger these days or whether I have trimmed up but I’m happy either way!  I also enjoy coming to your sessions as you act as my conscience to help me be true to my goals – a true personal trainer.  Years ago I used a personal trainer at a bigger gym and although she was a friendly person and very knowledgeable it was more impersonal and therefore didn’t seem to motivate me as much.

Thanks to you and Jeames and keep up the innovation!

Kind regards

Terri Reid

Fitzpatricks Brisbane Pty Ltd

“I did 100kms on a bike!”

‘I didn’t want to be your typical guy with a beer gut in his 40’s”‘

“I just wanted to feel more athletic”

“I never thought I would be able….”

watch this!

15th April, 2011

Jan 09 waist 105.4 Dec, 09 waist 89.8 (16cm!)
Feb ’08 120kg+ Dec ’09 72kg (48kg!)
July 2010 (waist size 96.5 cm.)Body Fat Percentage (25%) July, 2011 (waist size 81.5cm.)Body Fat Percentage (17%)
11th Oct, 2010 15th April, 2011
11th Oct, 2010 15th April, 2011
January, 2011 June, 2011
July, 2010Waist: 104cm. Weight: 91.4kg June, 2011Waist: 91.5cm. Weight: 85.9 kg.

I want results like these!

phone now:

3854 0386

0416 116 682


Anthony Gillespie

Anthony Gillespie

This business was started in 2005 at the Valley Pool, Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, by Anthony Gillespie… myself – no pretend third person appraisals here. This is me talking about me! I have a background in professional tennis, both coaching and playing, but put it this way you probably didn’t see me on tv!

This business was started in 2005 at the Valley Pool, Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, by Anthony Gillespie… myself – no pretend third person appraisals here. This is me talking about me!

I have a background in professional tennis, both coaching and playing, but put it this way you probably didn’t see me on tv! I completed degrees in both Sports Science, and Psychology with Honours between 1993 and 2003 at the University of New South Wales and the University of Southern Queensland respectively, for a total of 7 years study. Before formal study the journey started with fitness leader courses and work experience in cardiac rehab etc  back in 1990. I understand that the process of learning never ends as research and practical experience teaches us new and improved ways to do things.

I have experience in many aspects of life including extensive world travel, running a family business, and more importantly, some serious work and play time on boats. Life is an adventure meant to be lived! But Best Practice Personal Training is not about just one person and what I have done. It is about an intention to encourage good quality training and good quality living, in both members and team members alike. At best practice we have an intense desire to keep learning, deliver results and have fun doing it! We want the right people along for the journey. Who are the right people? -those who have got to the point of being REALLY ready to change. If this is you, take advantage of the vouchers included in this pack and let’s get you where you want to be.

This is a lifestyle change and you know there are no quick fixes. It takes commitment and we are more than ready to help you in that process.



AG staff photo 2014

Catherine Paice

Bachelor Exercise & Sport Science - Current. Windsurfer, Netballer & Sailor
AG staff photo 2014

Alison Spink

Stotts Qualified Pilates. 6 Years experience as an instructor in both Brisbane and London
AG staff photo 2014

Josh Blick

Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Ms of Clinical Ex Physiology (current).
AG staff photo 2014

Julia Hindmarsh

Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science & Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health)
AG staff photo 2014

Best Practice – Our Purpose

Best Practice Personal Training – Our Purpose


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