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Lose 6kg+ in 6 weeks!?...

Introducing the 6 Week Challenge

This kind of claim is not our usual style but challenges like these can be the kickstarter that finally gets you in to the long term habit that is necessary for true success. This is a special offer program too and you are going to get plenty of value and support for just


Full normal price is $999


20 participants only - so we keep it controlled and personal.

See below for what's included and what you can expect......


Whats included:

  • Unlimited group training sessions - 10 to choose from each week
  • 1 X Free 45 PT session for new clients to Best Practice only.
  • Initial group orientation session including measurements, movement screen, photos (if you want) and nutrition guidelines
  • Private Facebook group where all the nutrition support happens.
  • Ongoing Access to our world class online Nutrition Coaching Portal
  • Final group session including re-measure and battle plan moving forward

What you can expect:

  • Support from others just like you who are REALLY ready to get things rolling
  • Mindset and motivational coaching - the head is where it all happens!
  • Clarification from us that the biggest result you can have is a LIFETIME habit as a result of getting things started here, regardless of kg's lost in this challenge
  • Fitness coaching in a small group setting matching exercises and intensity to your ability
  • Free trial and then optional discounted purchase of our 'big brother' style heart rate activity monitoring system called My Zone
  • Feeling better from day 1.
  • Ultimate accountability. The defined start and finish date is critical for this focus.
  • Optional extra 121 training for those who want even more help on the most important project there is - your long term health and fitness!

The 6 Week Challenge. I want to be involved. Tell me more!

100% money back guarantee that if you sign up and take part and don't like what we do, you get the $199 back. No problem! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN TO US AND ARE READY TO GO, YOU CAN PAY RIGHT HERE USING PAY PAL OR CREDIT CARD. PLEASE NOTE THE DIFFERENT PRICING OPTION FOR EXISTING CLIENTS AND NEW CLIENTS.


Member/Non Member Price Options. NB: Drop down box

Phone now to reserve your spot. We are only taking 20 people! - 3854 0386

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