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Can you trust yourself?

When it comes to changing our life, we often make some pretty big statements. The question is can you trust yourself? Or do you feel like, […]

Eat….your diet matters!

I like to talk about good, better and best when it comes to eating. ‘Good’ is doing your best to eat healthy foods. ‘Better’ is achieving […]

Hey tiger, not so fast with the fork!

We live a crazy fast paced life. Whilst this can be fun, it also can be problematic. Check out this article from the Precision Nutrition boys […]

What is this intermittent fasting thing?

There is a buzz around intermittent fasting if you haven’t already noticed. This video is a first in the series explain the science behind this controversial […]

Grass roots change

I attended the Business Summit for Fitness industry professionals in Sydney last week at what is known as the Filex Convention.  There were some great speakers […]

Super shakes

If you can get past any hang ups you have with a guy talking with what seems like an American accent (he’s Canadian if that helps) […]

What you need to know about whole grains

We talk about consuming carbs only after intensive exercise, be it strength training or cardiovascular. But we are not talking about any old carbs, we are […]

Exercise Minimalism

If you are short on time and think that you can’t get good results from 10-15 mins per day of exercise then you need to read […]

Keep it fun!

A lot of you receiving this won’t be able to take advantage of the offer I made to clients and members to come a long for […]