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Inspirational story. 54 year old woman achieves some great things

Check this one out from the files of metabolic precision success stories.

Muscle matters….big time!

Forget this, “I don’t want to bulk up” line. If you are the average person, unless you actually strive to get stronger you won’t not only […]

The perfect training program? No really, this time!

I have said before that the best training program in the world is…. the one you actually do. I still strongly believe this,  because doing something […]

Killing the carb myth

If you are after the truth then you will know that we are almost fanatically driven to provide it. There is so much misinformation out there […]

Just 2% of your week and the other 23 and a half hours

This is awesome. If you like overwhelming, slap you in the face, drop your jaw type evidence before you believe you should do something then look […]

A green light on your food choices?

There is a new app that was brought to my attention by one time employee and still good mate, Jimmy Gillett. Look out for him this […]

Exercise the cure all?

Pretty soon I am studying some information that will add dramatically to the service I am building here at Best Practice. It is about major body […]

See what you want to see

The article I will give you a link to today later in this post reminded me of a story I had read from an AA meeting. […]

Tracking change this year

I am super keen to have records of client progress this year. Even if you don’t train with us, this is something you should do. In […]