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Another classic breakfast

Check out the breakdown of this little breakfast delight! Classic breakfast breakdown

Some useful apps and websites

I have used mynetdiary to track my food and exercise in the perfect month back in July. It was ultra convenient and quick to know what […]

A 7 day meal plan of the highest nutrition

Some of you may know we are using a nutrition coaching program called nutrition complete. Down load the example of a healthy 7 day eating plan […]

I found an awesome breakfast cereal

This perfect month thing has made me search for ways to be healthy but time efficient. Probably something all of us are looking for. I found […]

What the American Medical Association say about supplementing

The reason I take a multi vitamin now is the quote below. As you know I am a sceptic – studying three science degrees has made […]

A typical day of eating analysed using my net diary

Check out this. It is a screen shot of one day of eating using mynetdiary. The breakdown of this eating day is 32% fat, 41% carbohydrate, […]

Nutrition – The fat loss ‘X’ factor

If you haven’t got your nutrition squared away you are going to pushing the ‘fat loss’ wagon up hill. We have a great system for helping […]

Eat Well!

People often ask me what is a good breakfast. First things first. You just HAVE to have breakfast. It is the best opportunity to fuel up […]