Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Fitness Training

Like with Personal Training, membership of our small group training is the best way to set a routine and have regular access to all our classes for one low fee.

Variation in your training can make this fitness gig fun!

Our small group fitness classes will include the following types of sessions:

  • Beginner strength classes showing you that you don’t need a lot of elaborate equipment to train your body to be more functionally capable.
  • Cardiovascular training in a group can be a lot of fun and using our My Zone heart rate monitoring technology, we can make sure you are hitting the right intensity for you.
  • Pilates classes will be a feature again of Best Practice Small Group Classes because training the core is not only a great first step but an important advanced training modality for all levels of fitness and capability.
  • Kickbikes are a pretty much a big scooter for adults who want to feel young again. Don’t knock it till you try it. This is a smaller class and suitable for those who don’t mind a bit of risk in their training. Whilst we go on bike paths, this is still a more adventurous class that requires balance and street smarts.
  • Trigger pointing, mobility and stretching is an important part of your training. If you don’t get in recovery work you will be on a fast track to first dysfunction and second injury. This is why we strongly recommend regular massage as well.
  • Walking and jogging are about as functional as it gets. What I mean by this is that the ability for locomotion is the one thing that will allow independent living for as long as possible. If you can make that walk a run, well all the better for a stronger cardiovascular workout. We have sessions where both walkers and joggers can set off together.
  • The ability to add speed and agility in your movement, maintain both static and dynamic balance, produce power both from the upper and lower body sounds like a more advanced class and you would be right. Whilst this is not in the same category as Crossfit, it will involve more athletic moves suitable to the more adventurous and advanced client.

If you are ready to try what we do, book a session with 27 year in the fitness industry veteran Anthony Gillespie and find out what will suit you for where you are at right now – you can book that right here!

Small Group Training Packs

This is the best option if you would just like to have access to what we do every now and then because you travel or do other things. 

They are available in 10 packs and once purchased, you book yourself in using our online booking app. This option is really only suitable for those who have some experience already in training. It is not a great starting point because 121 instruction is the safest and most effective way to get on the right track fast.

If you would like to try find out more about our small group training, fill in the form below and we will be in touch before you know it!

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