Personal Training

Personal Training Memberships

Membership is the best way to set a routine and have everything we have included. It also guarantees you a weekly, or several weekly time slots for you with a coach, face to face.

Routine works!

Memberships include the following:

  • Comprehensive FMS screening (movement appraisal so we program for your current mobility, stability and functional movement), exercise physiology and performance assessment including a 15-page report.
  • Goal setting and current nutritional status session including education on how to program your mind for success.
  • 12-month access to our unique habit building nutrition coaching program (powered by Precision Nutrition).
  • Access to our specialised and “intelligent small group” training program which is growing in session number each month. It is expected that we will have over 30 sessions by years end 2018.
  • Access to the My Zone heart rate tracking system displaying your heart rate in the studio whilst you train and also record the quality of your sessions for analysis when you are not training with us.
  • Access to our own App available for IOS & Android to help you train at home. It is also part of how we keep you accountable.
  • Regular meaurements and performance checks with data uploaded to your very own online records on our app.

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Personal Training Packages

This is the best option for those who want ultimate flexibility due to a varied work or life schedule. It is also the best way to gurantee working with the one specific coach.

Personal Training Packs are hiring one of the coaches on a per hour basis. There are 30, 45 and 60 min X 10 session packs available. It is not the ideal way to engage a coach, as consistency and routine work much better. But, sometimes simply fitting it in where you can, is a viable approach.

The pricing will depend on the experience of the coach and is on an appointment basis. Other services and products can be chosen individually and added on.

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