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The chosen few

I was out training with some clients this morning and was chatting about how many people with in this particular client’s workplace (lend lease) take advantage […]

Best Practice in the media

In the paper Check out this one if you missed it in the courier mail.

New system

Firstly let me apologise if you are receiving this and feel you shouldn’t. We have changed over database management systems and are automatically updating our list […]

Soldier on or pussy out?

There is no doubt it has been a bit cool! You know the one thing I really love to see is the application to a task […]

Say what you mean…

When it comes to getting results there is one characteristic which stands out. This applies to more than just fitness believe me. To achieve anything in […]

Set in your ways?

I came across this in my readings in relation to coaching and life. It struck me as something that you should know if you are about being […]

Journal your fitness

As you know we have always strongly encouraged recording what you do. We even had a back end built for the purpose on our old website. I […]

What’s it going to take?

Life just goes and goes! I remember seeing a cartoon showing a normal looking young woman sitting in front of the t.v. with the remote in […]

AG’s May 09 newsletter (minor) rant

Hey folks, bit of reverse this time. Only for the truly dedicated to read my stuff here at the end.  So If any of you get […]