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The fittest I have been in years and why I do what I do….

Okay I didn’t want to make this blog all about me but felt that sometimes there are lessons from what others experience that can help you […]
Small Group Training- Rowing

The 7 best things about aerobic fitness training

So my last post was about the fantastic benefits of strength training. Now for the second big one from the recommendations made by one of the […]

5 simple ways to improve your mood this Winter

When it is cold, dark and rainy, it can be hard to stay up mentally. Granted, we don’t have weather like this often (hence the featured […]

Top 5 big benefits of regular strength training

As you know I am a big fan of the aerobic workout. I like cycling, running, swimming, kickbiking, paddling, surfing and walking. These are all great […]

What is the best fish oil and do we really need to supplement it anyway?

This is a big confusing subject so hold on to your scientific hats! Everyone seems to be in agreement that we need more Omega 3 in […]

My 3 month challenge. No caffeine, no alcohol, no added sugar, gluten free…..

You have probably read this headline and said, “kill me now!” This is not going to be some tale of this Brisbane Personal Trainer being holier […]

Fascia and Foam Rolling

Fascia is a fibrous net of connective tissue that surrounds every cell in the body and is crucial to muscular function. Fascia runs from your head […]

How to organise your way to healthy nutrition

Let’s face it. We all know what to eat. We just don’t know how to get organised to actually do it. Sure there is lots of […]

How to set up a very affordable home gym

I know this sounds like I am trying to do myself out of a job here but you know what, we can’t help everyone and not […]