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Analysis of a can of salmon

It’s amazing how words can influence. The can I ate for lunch said confidently, “SOURCE OF OMEGA 3’S!” Sounded impressive, but was it really? At closer […]

The Gabriel Method book review

I have started reading a book by a guy who lost a serious amount of weight. His name is Jon Gabriel. It is an interesting story. […]

Exercise tips for busy parents

Another great little article for helping those under pressure to look after the kids and the home and still fit exercise in. Check it out!

Celebrate your victories and the Feb fast

Hi to all. Myself, Jeames and Ericka had the good fortune to celebrate with one of our star clients on Friday. We sat up the top […]

See how a dietitian eats…

I rattle on about a food journal. Here is one day in the life of a dietitian. This comes from a pretty cool, again American website. […]

Record, record, record!

If fat loss is your goal and I can tell you it is with about 90% of our clients then you just have to track what […]

What does 300 calories look like?

Here at Best Practice we like to expose you to material that will help educate you. The link I am going to put in, although American […]

Pilates and back pain

As someone who has suffered some back pain in my time, the article found at the following link was very interesting and informative for those who […]

Nutrition – the key to fat loss

Okay, you’ve got a great fitness plan for 2011. You understand cardio fitness and how you need to do large muscle group activity like swimming, cycling […]