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Don’t choke! A book review

I am in the middle of reading a very interesting book on ‘choking’. It is aptly named ‘Choke’. It is written by an American psychologist, Sian […]

Anatomy of a lunge

I had someone tell me the other day that all personal trainers seem to have this obsessive love affair with the lunge. “BORING:”, she cried. Well […]

Apple versus Doughnut and why Krispy Kreme had trouble in Australia

I came across this article during my readings the other day…. whilst keeping track of your calories is important, it demonstrates the importance of nutritional value. […]

What type are you?

I have been running this business here for almost 6 years now. It always amazes me how people can get so close to committing and then […]

It’s always nice to see third party evidence….

You must really choose your references well in this world. But this information is actually pretty good and if you train with us, you will know […]

A typical breakfast…maybe not so good!

Go to this link for some info on a breakfast that may appear healthy but at closer inspection…..

Attitude dude!

Have you ever tuned out when you have heard stuff like, ‘if you think you can’t you are right, if you think you can you are […]

Never, never, ever give up!

On determination and all things related to achievement. No one ever said this thing (creating long lasting healthy habits) was easy btw! I am not one to encourage […]

Good deadlifting technique

  This is one of the most important whole body strength exercises there is. Good exercise technique and right load selection is critical to safety.