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New Years Resolutions. A waste of time?

I know I have given New Year’s Resolutions (NYR’s) a hard time in the past but I saw a really cool movie the other night which […]

Your program template for a pinnacle year in 2012

Research says strength training should be the cornerstone of your program because functional muscle is the MOST important aspect to body fat metabolism, disease prevention, a […]

If you don’t know this cutting edge information you WILL not be getting the results you want!

I went to a conference on the weekend and listened to an expert in nutrition. Now I am not talking about some self proclaimed guru with […]

Smith machine deadlift

The smith machine is one of the main pieces of equipment in Sweat. Below is a very short video of good form for a deadlift using […]

Hold back the clock with strength training

The beautiful thing about what we do is the constant research that reaffirms it. It gets to the point where you just wanna go, ‘derrr’. Does […]

Whey protein investigated

When I first started the business I had a healthy disregard for supplements. I had seen way too many Americanised infomercial style advertisements to believe anything […]

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What do successful business people have in common?

Maybe I am one eyed but after reading the latest BRW and some of the stories of business owners in the fastest growing 100 businesses, I […]

The one legged deadlift to upright row and one leg lift

Perform this exercise and develop back strength, balance, glute and hip flexor strength and core stability. Now that is a good return for doing  just one […]