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Anthony Gillespie


Fat burning myth?

It is amazing how new information can change how we think and ultimately what we do. There used to be this idea in the fitness industry […]


This is a bandwagon you should jump on. There is no downside, only endless good news for your body. I really like to see patterns broken […]

Downlow on Detox?

It is now February and after a crazy two months of the festive season, which always seems to drag out into January, the talk about town […]

Move better!

Can there be any argument that we were built to move? The human body in it’s finest form can do amazing things. We can climb, jump, […]

Eat Well!

People often ask me what is a good breakfast. First things first. You just HAVE to have breakfast. It is the best opportunity to fuel up […]


If I told you to aim at a target but you couldn’t see it, you didn’t know how far away it was or even the size […]

Amazing results in 2009

If you missed this last year than you absolutely need to see this. Click here and preapred to be super  impressed!

Count down for success

I just wanted to share a goal setting methodology I am using this year. I figure that 2 strength training sessions, at least 2 cardio type […]

Energy up!

I visited my parents in Sydney over Christmas and the New Year and it got me thinking about life and it’s meaning. They are both in […]