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This is a bandwagon you should jump on. There is no downside, only endless good news for your body. I really like to see patterns broken […]

Downlow on Detox?

It is now February and after a crazy two months of the festive season, which always seems to drag out into January, the talk about town […]

Move better!

Can there be any argument that we were built to move? The human body in it’s finest form can do amazing things. We can climb, jump, […]

Eat Well!

People often ask me what is a good breakfast. First things first. You just HAVE to have breakfast. It is the best opportunity to fuel up […]


If I told you to aim at a target but you couldn’t see it, you didn’t know how far away it was or even the size […]

Amazing results in 2009

If you missed this last year than you absolutely need to see this. Click here and preapred to be super  impressed!

Count down for success

I just wanted to share a goal setting methodology I am using this year. I figure that 2 strength training sessions, at least 2 cardio type […]

Energy up!

I visited my parents in Sydney over Christmas and the New Year and it got me thinking about life and it’s meaning. They are both in […]

ADVENTURE TREK – Milford Sound

If you are a client of Best Practice you would be well aware that we focus on the fact that you have to be able to translate […]