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Instant squat tutorial


Wok in a box versus red rooster versus a piece of atlantic salmon

We live in a harried world. There is no doubt about it. Read the following nutrition panels and make up your mind if it is worth […]

The psychology of obesity

I just wanted to quote from the Gabriel Method again. This was a key insight of the book and I will paraphrase. “You could eat over […]

Subway versus Mcdonalds

It is a fast and frenetic world we live in and no matter how focussed you are, there are times when you will be virtually forced […]

Tricks for being alcohol free

There is a lot of pressure to drink. I heard someone say the other day, “I haven’t had a drink since Australia day”.  Even though the […]

The ‘perfect client’ and managing your weaknesses

I have a client (a few actually but this one is standing out) at the moment. She is quite simply doing the job better than I […]

Do you ‘like’ us?

Okay let’s face it (no pun intended..honest), you either are in to facebook or you are not. This is just quick post. If you are, look […]

Alcohol free for February

It is amazing how much we Aussies rely on alcohol for a good time. Recruiting for an alcohol free month was like asking someone (devout!) to change their […]

Analysis of a can of salmon

It’s amazing how words can influence. The can I ate for lunch said confidently, “SOURCE OF OMEGA 3’S!” Sounded impressive, but was it really? At closer […]