Shopping Tour

As apart of our monthly services, this month we are taking you outside the seminar room of best practice and down to the local shops at New Farm. It is an essential part to our life but with so many choices to make, what really is the best one?

Find out –

  • What is the best bread to buy?
  • Low fat milk, full fat milk, no fat milk?
  • 97% fat free…. is it all it is cracked up to be?
  • What to take to a bbq
  • How to understand the nutrition labels and what to look for!
  • Plus LOADS more……..


  • Where: Coles New Farm
  • When: 27th May
  • Time: 7 – 8pm
  • Cost:  Zero dollars

Feel free to bring a friend/family member as this will benefit everyone. You MUST register,  so please fill in the box below and lock your spot in!