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How to….Not fall off the fitness perch this festive season


Are you sick of having to start again every February?

  • You’ve trained pretty well most of the year yet come the Festive season the wheels fall off due to time and what I call ‘beer’ group pressure.
  • The price you pay for allowing this to happen is high. It may feel good at the time but the extra kg’s surreptitiously slide on, the foggy brain blurs your ability to make sound decisions and the accumulation of stress as you mentally realise what is happening and you physical feel the ill effects of a less than optimally functioning body
  • Your social calendar starts to push ‘other’ appointments out of their usual time slot. This is the start of the rot.

You CAN do something about this!

  • Number 1 strategy is to be aware of the dangers. So many issues creep up on us because we decide to bury our head in the sand and pretend something is not happening. You are ahead of the game already by acknowledging it.
  • Keep recording your training sessions completed each week and keep it somewhere you can see it regularly. We use our smart phone app with our members to simply update each time a training session gets done. The strongly coloured little exercising person icon becomes a little addictive as does the accumulation of My Zone points.
  • Set your social calendar AROUND your training appointments. Set them like they are carved in stone and you will be pretty soon in the hallowed ground of non negotiable habit.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. Don’t set yourself up to fail. If your usual training regime is 5 formal exercise sessions per week aim for 3. Or if it is 3 aim for 2. You get the picture. Keep in mind that 1 will always be better than none but understand the minimum effort required to maintain where you are at. It will usually be more than 1.
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